Teaching a child to drive can be the most stressful time in a parents life.  You want them to be safe.  You want them to be able to avoid an accident and in the worst case scenario, you want them to walk away from an accident not injured.

You also don't want to worry able the inevitable...they hit a curb going around the corner, bump into a pole, open the door into the wall.  Little dings and scratches that unfortunately happen when a new driver takes the wheel. 

Joel Confer BMW has these pre-owned values that are the solution to your new driver needs.  These BMW offer the highest level of safety for your driver and their passengers.  They were originally sold at Joel Confer BMW and have been completely serviced by our certified service department.  They are ready to protect your child.  

These Pre-owned Value BMWs each have a small exterior imperfection that ends up saving you money.  Whether its a small rub on the hood or indentation in the bumper, these barely noticeable imperfections do not take away from the safety and performance of these Ultimate Driving Machines.  Photos of the imperfections are included. 

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Optional Safety features include:
Driver Assistance Package with Rear View Camera and Head Up Display
Driver Assistance Plus with Active Blind Spot Detection, Active Driving Assistant, Surround View and Speed Limit Info

Standard Safety features include:
Antilock Braking System with Ventilated Brakes
Dynamic Brake Control
Dynamic Traction Control
Dynamic Stability Control
Xenon Headlights
Adaptive Brakelights
Front Air Bags
Side-Impact Air Bags
Head Protection System
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